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HOME > Site Map
Site Map


ICC's Beginning

Inuit Circumpolar Council
     Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC)
     ICC Charter and By-laws
         ICC Charter
         ICC By-Laws

Office of the Chair 2010-2014

ICC Executive Council
     Executive Council Biographies
         ICC (Canada)
         ICC (Greenland)
         ICC (Alaska)
         ICC (Russia)

ICC General Assembly
     General Assemblies
         2010 Nuuk, Greenland 11th General Assembly: Sharing Life - Inoqatigiinneq
         2006 Barrow, Alaska 10th General Assembly: Unity Within Diversity
         2002 Kuujjuaq, Quebec 9th General Assembly: Inuit Voice - Enlightening The...
         1998 Nuuk, Greenland 8th General Assembly: Inuit Spirit for Global...

Inuit Circumpolar Council (Canada)
     ICC (Canada) Overview
     Aims and Objectives
     ICC (Canada) Executive
     ICC (Canada) Board of Directors

Activities & Initiatives
     Environmental and Sustainable Development
         Arctic Council
         Application of Traditional Knowledge in the Arctic Council
         Climate Change
         Convention on Biological Diversity
         Global Environment Facility (GEF)
         Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
         Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
         Other contaminants
     United Nations and Human Rights
         UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
         United Nations Advisory Committee
         UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
         The Right to Hunt Sustainably
         Forced relocations
         Promoting Self-determination
         Using International Organizations to Promote Inuit Rights and Interests
         Organization of the American States
     Communications, Cultural and Social Issues
         Strengthening ICC's Regional Offices
         Maximizing Efficiency within ICC
         Inuit Language

Media & Reports
         Press Releases - 2013
         Press Releases - 2012
         Press Releases - 2011
         Press Releases - 2010
         Press Releases - 2009
         Press Releases - 2008
         Press Releases - 2007
         Press Releases - 2006
         Press Releases - 2005
         Press Releases - 2004
         Press Releases - 2003
         Press Releases - 2002
         Press Releases - 2001
         Press Releases - 2000
     Supporting the Work of ICC (Canada)

Contact Us
     ICC (Greenland)
     ICC (Alaska)
     ICC (Russia)
     ICC (Canada)

     Arctic Council - ARCHIVES
     Belize Co-management Project - ARCHIVES
         From Tundra to Tropics
         BITI Times
     Belize Co-management Project - ARCHIVES 2006
     Climate Change - ARCHIVES
         Responding to Global Climate Change: The Perspective of the Inuit...
         Table 1 Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Key Findings
         Table 2 Regional Environmental Changes Observed by Inuit and Cree
     Communications Commission - ARCHIVES
     Communications Commission - ARCHIVES 2006
     Fundraising - ARCHIVES
     Humanitarian Assistance - ARCHIVES
     ICC Task Force on Trade - ARCHIVES
     Institution Building for Northern Russian Indigenous Peoples (INRIPP-2) - ARCHIVES
     Institution Building for Northern Russian Indigenous Peoples (INRIPP-2) - ARCHIVES 2006
         CSIPN/RITC Training Course Agenda
         INRIPP-2 Newsletter
     Language Commission - ARCHIVES
     Language Commission - ARCHIVES 2006
     Northern Contaminants and Global POPs Program - ARCHIVES
     Northern Contaminants and Global POPs Program - ARCHIVES 2006
     United Nations and Human Rights - ARCHIVES
         Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
         World Conference Against Racism (WCAR)
     World Association of NGOs Inaugural Award for the Environment
     World Summit

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